Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Member's Only (lol)

Members Only is a brand of clothing that became popular in the 1980s for the "Members Only Jacket". The brand was created in 1975 and introduced to American markets in 1979 by Europe Craft Imports (later acquired in 1987 by the Marcade Group). Members Only was renowned for their brand of jackets, which was first introduced in 1981 and manufactured in a wide variety of colors. The jackets had passants. Their advertising tagline, "when you put it on, something happens", also gained fame, especially in the early 1990s when several condom manufacturers stole the tagline.(LOL)The brand was licensed in 2004 by Kirtie Regan, who resurrected the brand and developed a new line of apparel. <-Wikipedia.

So I Guess I'm Going Out Shopping this weekend haha